Tax advisor in Andorra

ABAST Group is recognised for its expertise in Andorran tax law. If you are looking for a tax advisor in Andorra, you have come to the right place, providing tax advice and accounting services to individuals and companies with interests in the Principality. We have a highly specialised tax team, with extensive experience in the jurisdiction since the implementation of its tax system.

With a fiscal model of corporate income tax between 2% and 10%. depending on the type of company, a IGI (vat equivalent) of 4,5% for goods and services, an 1% for health, education, culture, food and rentals and tax exempt for inheritances and giftsAndorra has one of the best tax systems in Europe. If you want to know more about taxation in Andorra, check out our Taxation in Andorra page.

Tax advisor in Andorra

As a group of tax advisors in Andorra, our advisory services cover various areas, including new technologies, international taxation, cross-border transactions and real estate. In addition, the tax team provides support in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and restructuring transactions.

ABAST understands the importance of providing cross-cutting advice that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. The objective is to offer effective and strategic tax solutions, helping you to optimise your tax situation and comply with the regulations in force in the Andorran environment.

Rely on ABAST Group as your Andorra tax professionals for sound and personalised advice on Andorra taxation. Abast is committed to providing a quality service and contributing to the success and compliance with Andorra’s tax framework.

International tax planning

Tax analysis related to the transfer of residence to the Principality of Andorra, as well as the tax implications in the country of origin derived from the transfer, we have experience in different groups such as:

Companies and holdings
Professional sportspersons
Digital entrepreneurs
Influencers and content creators
Crypto-investors and traders
Poker Players
Pensioners or annuitants

Tax advice on transactions and M&A

Conducting comprehensive audits and tax reporting on transactions, overseeing and guiding the tax planning of the transaction, as well as assessing all tax elements related to transactions. We also provide tax advice and application of neutral regulations in corporate transactions, ensuring compliance with applicable tax requirements.

Consultation and reporting

The resolution of complex and simple tax queries, binding consultations, the creation of reports analysing specific tax planning cases and advice on tax matters related to the analysis of a transaction. The assessment of transfers of tax residency to Andorra and a careful assessment of risk factors. The main objective is to provide answers to the tax questions raised, as well as to offer fiscally optimal options.

Tax advice and planning in Andorra

A thorough analysis of the client’s asset situation is crucial. This involves assessing their assets, income, liabilities and business structure, among other relevant aspects. From this analysis, opportunities can be identified to optimise the tax burden, always within the legal limits and tax regulations in force.

When dealing with a location such as the Principality of Andorra, it is essential to consider its fiscal framework and particularities. Andorra is known for its favourable tax regime, with income tax and corporate tax at a maximum of 10%. In addition, it offers tax benefits to foreign investors, such as exemption from tax on capital gains generated by the sale of shares in foreign companies.

Advice on tax proceedings

Interactions and tax arrangements between the different countries involved must be taken into account. This involves considering double taxation treaties, tax transparency regulations and any other relevant regulations.

In conclusion, in order to carry out effective tax planning and optimise a client’s wealth situation, it is important to have a tax advisor in Andorra specialised in the tax field of the relevant jurisdiction, such as local tax advisors in Andorra. They will be able to offer a detailed analysis of the situation and provide proposals tailored to individual needs and objectives, always in compliance with current tax rules and regulations.

Recurrent tax advice

The Abast Group prides itself on providing recurring support from client queries through to the preparation and filing of tax returns and compliance with all formal obligations.

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